About Us

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Curated products and travel inspiration. By the designers we admire, from the places they love.

State x State is a platform that combines our love for travel, design, and culture. It grew out of the way we like to prep for any trip we take: We ask friends or friends-of-friends to give us recommendations for what to do, where to eat, and what to buy. We arrive at each destination with an itinerary that's been vetted by people with great taste.

The more we traveled this way, the more we met talented, interesting, fun, and friendly people who were making really nice products and doing cool things in their communities with design, art, music, food, and craft beverages. And they had great suggestions of their own for what to do in their cities and states.

With State x State, our goal is to combine these things and highlight some great creative people, products, and travel experiences.

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The Website

We launched State x State in the fall of 2014, and it's an ongoing, evolving project. The site has three main parts to it (and you should check them all out!):

Travel Guides

Our state travel guides are based on the recommendations of local designers, chefs, bartenders, and other creative people, along with places that we discover through our own personal travels.

If you are spending a weekend, a week, or live in a state, we hope you'll find an interesting mix of what’s cool/hip/design-y with the classic, must-do places.

We highlight recommendations that are unique to each state, and prefer to feature small, independent businesses.

We hope our travel guides provide a new perspective on each state, whether you are planning a visit, or want to send links and recommendations to a friend.

Product Guides

Our product guides include a wide selection of things that we think are well-designed and well-crafted by makers from each of the states we feature.

We focus on independent designers and businesses and the people behind the products. This includes individual designers producing really beautiful things to more established brands who have made a commitment to craft and quality. We will also showcase some of the fun, novel, and occasionally kitschy heritage brands that call a state home.

While you can buy certain products from our site, most of our product recommendations in our guide will send you directly to the website of the designer or producer. We’ve chosen to do this to help support their businesses directly, and also because we are not currently able to carry inventory and fulfill the full range of designers that we think deserve to be included on our site.

Gift Boxes

Our gift boxes are limited-edition collections of products that are handpicked by us or curators with whom we collaborate. Each gift box will feature a small selection of products from designers and makers that we admire in each state. We may do select themed gift boxes that highlight designers from multiple states under one theme (like BABIES! or PUPPIES!).

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Founding Team

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Get in touch!

We are a small group of designers, friends, travel enthusiasts, and semi-pro shoppers who work together making fun digital stuff at Studio Rodrigo in New York City. And we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at theteam@statexstate.com or find us on the Internet:

If you have questions that aren’t answered on this page, check our FAQS.