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About State x State

What is State x State?

State x State is a brand that allows us to combine our love for travel and our love for design. The State x State website includes travel guides, product guides, and curated gift boxes. The brand and website are a project from Studio Rodrigo, an NYC-based digital design studio. To learn more about us, visit our About Us page.

Why did you start State x State?

We created State x State as a way to share our love of travel and design and highlight people we think are making really great things across the country. It’s an excuse for us to travel with a purpose and meet fun, interesting, creative people who make food we love, drinks we want to drink, and objects that we covet.

How does it work?

We work with a network of creative people—designers, makers, chefs, bartenders, restaurateurs, curators, bloggers, and writers—to curate recommendations vetted by local creative people with great taste.

Do you travel to every place in your travel guides?

We travel a lot, and visit a lot of places in our guides, but not every place. We trust the recommendations of the curators we work with, and vet tips through our network.

How do you pick designers and makers to feature in your product guides and gift boxes?

We’re always on the lookout for great designers and great products. We find a lot of people through our travels, meet them in person, visit their workshops, or discover them in local boutiques, craft fairs, and through the web. We are also open to recommendations from our network.

We do not ask payment for placement in any of our guides.

What’s in it for you?

State x State is a project born out of our personal passions for travel and design. We get to take road trips and meet interesting people. It’s a great excuse to try new restaurants, drink at new bars, and buy stuff we maybe don’t need.

Hopefully, we can make it a going concern. We’re still working on that.

How does State x State make money?

State x State is a project that we were really motivated to do, no matter what. So we created it, we hope people like it, and we plan to keep improving it.

We also believe State x State has a potential to be an interesting online business. We are currently evaluating ways to make State x State financially sustainable, and are considering three avenues. We are open to working with sponsorship partners, including certain like-minded brands and organizations. We are evaluating creating a more complete online and offline store. And we are open to collaborating with curators and designers on special projects, including limited edition product collaborations, joint marketing and outreach, or other fun things.

If you have any questions, ideas, or are interested in working with us, feel free to reach out at theteam@statexstate.com.

Getting Involved

How can I contribute to State x State?

If you are a curator, writer, blogger, or designer and want to help us curate a state or are interested in writing for us, we're open to all kinds of collaborations. Just drop us a line at theteam@statexstate.com.

How do I get featured in a product guide?

If you are a designer or maker and are interested in being featured in one of our product guides or gift boxes, or are interested in being profiled on our site, just drop us a note at theteam@statexstate.com with a link to your site or online store. We take a look at everything sent to us, and will be in touch if there's an opportunity to collaborate.

How do I get featured in a travel guide?

If you are a chef, bartender, or shop/business owner, send us an email at theteam@statexstate.com. We're happy to check out places that are new to us but, ultimately, all of our travel guide listings come from the recommendations of creative people whose tastes we trust.

How else can I collaborate?

If you have an idea, we might be open to it so send us a note and let's chat.

Shopping, Returns, and Other Questions

Why do you link to other sites in your product guide?

Our gift boxes and a selection of the products in our product guides are special collaborations or commissions that we keep in stock. However, there are a lot of designers and products that we want to highlight for whom we can't keep inventory in stock. For those designers, we link directly to their online stores (or a friendly online store that stocks their products). This allows us to highlight all of the designers we love and help them grow their brands and businesses.

Do your individual product pages reflect the most up-to-date info like price and availability?

While we try to keep everything on our site current, the details we list, including price, are for informational purposes only. You should check the designer's site and store for the latest information on price, delivery timelines, materials used, etc.

What is your return policy?

All of our online commerce, shopping, and return policies are on our Terms & Privacy page. You can find that here.

I don't want to read all that right now. Can you just let me know if I can return something if I don't like it?

We really hope that you love everything you buy from our site, but if you don't, we offer store credit for returns made within 14 days of receipt, provided items are returned in original condition and with any original packaging.

Unfortunately, we don't offer returns or exchanges on our Gift Boxes. However, if something was damaged during delivery, please email us at support@statexstate.comand we'll help get you a refund or an exchange.

Other, Random Questions

Can’t I get this stuff other places?

Sure you can. And we encourage you to. And, when possible, we think you should visit a real store and buy products in person, rather than ordering online.

How did your Kickstarter go?

We did a Kickstarter. It went pretty well. We learned some things that we might blog about at some point. For now, check it out here.

Who's behind all the great illustrations on your site?

A very talented designer named Emily Anderson who, along with another friend of ours Yasha Wallins, puts out a super cool printed series called The Usual. Check them out.