Made in Hawaii Gift Guide / The Team

Can you believe there are people lucky enough to live in Hawaii all year round? You know you’re doing something right when people refer to your home as paradise. Our charmed friends at cheery lifestyle shop Owens & Co. are back again with a selection of Hawaii-made giftables that capture the unique local culture and that “Aloha spirit.”

1. Fin 2. The Handle Basket 3. Hot Sauce 3 Pack 4. Soaps 5. Pineapple Coasters 6. Honolulu Rocks Glass 7. Aloha Shirt 8. Leather Card Case 9. Anuenue Tea

1. Fin by Island Fin Design ($78)

"A lot of people don’t realize the craftsmanship that goes into surfing. Whether it’s shaping a surfboard or designing a fin, there’s a true art to it all. Island Fin has been perfecting their designs since 1979, so you know they’re experts at adding major style your sled."

2. The Handle Basket by Amelia Samari ($85)

"Amelia Samari is a local designer who uses simple, cotton rope and polyester thread to create the most amazing baskets and bags. Amelia’s pieces are the perfect blend of function and design."

3. Hot Sauce 3 Pack by Adobo Loco ($24.99)

"My husband puts hot sauce on everything, so I’ve become a pseudo expert almost by osmosis. Hamajang is made from Kiawe-smoked Ghost and Habanero peppers, which give it a great smoky flavor and major heat at the same time."

4. Soaps by Shaka Street ($12 each)

"Soap maker Lisa Lareau creates this gorgeous small-batch soap in her Maui studio. My favorite scent is lavender. It's divinely calming, refreshing, and made with Maui-grown lavender."

5. Pineapple Coasters by Mau-House ($56)

"These coasters are my go-to when we have guests over, or even when I’m drinking an iced coffee at my desk. Andrew’s original pineapple print is debossed by hand onto these beautiful (and absorbent) leather coasters."

6. Honolulu Rocks Glass by Owens & Co. ($24)

"We love this city so much, we decided to create a rocks glass to show our appreciation."

7. Aloha Shirt by Roberta Oaks ($120)

"Here in Honolulu, we take our Aloha shirts very seriously. You won’t find many men in suits in Downtown Honolulu, but you will find tons of Aloha shirts. Roberta Oaks has developed a cult-like following with her colorful, retro-inspired and slim-fitting designs. Her shirts are the quintessential Aloha Shirt for the modern-Hawaiian gentleman."

8. Leather Card Case by Mono (Call 808-955-1595 to order)

"Mono is one of my favorite boutiques in Honolulu. They specialize in curating a really clean selection of design-driven goods. Dean Song (co-owner of Mono) has recently created his own line of handmade leather accessories. I’m loving the simplicity and functionality of Dean’s hand-stitched card cases."

9. Tea by Anuenue Tea (Call 808-498-7888 to order)

"In Hawaiian, anuenue translates into rainbow, which also happens to translate into happiness on my mouth. These teas, made in Kailua, are the perfect way to cool off on a hot Hawaiian day. My favorites are Neighbor’s Mango and Summer Krush."