Made in Ohio Gift Guide / The Team

One surefire way to scout out the creative talent in each state: check the craft markets. That’s where you’ll find local makers gathered, selling their wares from small-batch syrups to handmade furniture. In the Midwest state of Ohio, Cleveland Flea has created a thriving community for makers of all types with a monthly market and small business incubator. Here’s what they picked for made in Ohio.

1. Cuff 2. Raglan 3. Makeup 4. Candles 5. Kaleidoscope Fold-Ever Clutch 6. 4-Pack of Pencils 7. Geometric Rings 8. Akron Tee 9. Wooden Bottle Rock

1. Cuff by Souls Repurpose ($84)

"We love the modern, minimal yet bold aesthetic of Souls Repurpose. We also love that Jessica, the owner and designer, features People with Purpose on her blog, highlighting not only her own journey as a social worker turned jewelry designer but her outlook on life."

2. Raglan Tee by Ape Made ($26)

"We love the simple sentiments like "Cleveland Made Me" and "The Land Don't Scare" that manages to go beyond the design of a skyline to get at real Cleveland pride."

3. Makeup by Glam and Grace ($10)

"Amy's style is daring, modern and like nothing we've seen yet in the Rust Belt. We also love how her outlook on life ('boldness be my friend') is a direct inspiration for her products."

4. Candles by Sweet Dish & Darling ($20)

"In our experience, you'll smell the booth of Sweet Dish & Darling before you'll see it. That's because candle creator Sarah Sampsell has an olfactory edge on nearly every other handmade business at The Cleveland Flea. And although her products are designed to evoke memories through scent, they've also awoken our sense of sight with their impeccable packaging. Minimal and contemporary, her products really are the whole package."

5. Kaleidoscope Fold-Over Clutch by Double Clutch ($35)

"The high-quality, fresh look and sleek profile are practical yet fun for everyday and special occasions."

6. 4-Pack of Pencils by Triple Threat Press ($8)

"Not only are they extremely talented designers, but they also have a cheeky tone, with cards like 'Get off your ass and make something.'"

7. Geometric Rings by Tiny Erica Jewelry ($28)

"Erica's designs are like her-- tiny and delicate, yet sophisticated and thoughtful."

8. Akron Survival Kit Tee by The Social Dept. ($25)

"Their designs are clean, simple, thoughtful and just plain, good. We always find ways to express our inner Rust Belt Fanatic in new ways with The Social Dept."

9. Wooden Bottle Rock by Brushman Factory ($22)

SxS: "We love the minimal designs and quality make of Brush Factory's wooden goods. These cork bottle stoppers would look great in your favorite bottle of merlot."