Photo by Instagram user whimsicarol


Blacktop Coffee

826 East 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA, 90013



This good-looking 250-square-foot café is the new joint of Handsome Coffee’s Tyler Wells. Sharing an open door with Alchemy Works, the space was designed to be a quick pit stop where customers can come in, knock back a drink, have a quick chat, and go about their day. Unlike Handsome, Blacktop is not a roaster. (They get their beans from San Francisco-based Sightglass Coffee.) Instead, Wells focuses his efforts on creating a more intimate experience around perfectly pulled espresso. Rounding out the menu are juices from Pressed Juicery and SugarBloom pastries.

Chris Earl of Chris Earl Collection / Blacktop Coffee

It’s great to be able to go from browsing Alchemy Works to going next door and getting one of the best cold brews in town. They have super solid espresso as well.

— Chris Earl of Chris Earl Collection