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983 Goss Ave, Louisville, KY, 40217



You could maybe call this place a gastropub, but that doesn't do full justice to this utterly unpretentious, homey Germantown restaurant. The unassuming chef puts out some of the best plates in the city, serving up seasonal, locally sourced food without pomp and circumstance. Think European inspiration with a southern spin. A careful selection of beers on tap joins a small but well-rounded wine list and a bar that goes beyond the expected bourbon offerings. Creative salads win just as much praise from diehard fans as the outlandishly named plates (Six Minute Abs or Clancy Bouvier Makes a Cameo, anyone?). Eiderdown doesn't get the publicity of some other, more hey-look-at-me places, but those who know it, love it.

Dana McMahan

Karter Louis of Hillbilly Tea / Eiderdown

I took my friends from New York to Eiderdown and from first bite, nobody would shut up. They were so floored by every morsel. It's crazy good. It's the spot I would recommend for great food with a casual atmosphere. Brian Morgan [Eiderdown's chef] has the most amazing salads in the world, and it's an adventure every time you order one. They're put together so well. I had the quail recently, and it gave me butterflies. My friend dining with me would not stop eating my food.

— Karter Louis of Hillbilly Tea