Multiple Neighborhoods


930 Baxter Ave, Louisville, KY , 40204



In a town that's rapidly becoming known for its coffee scene, it's not hard to find a good cuppa. But many serious coffee fans head for one of the three local Quill's locations. The founders set out to not only serve great coffee, but to offer a bit of education along the way. They strive to avoid a “daunting” menu, walking non-specialists through their options in an enthusiastic but non-intimidating manner. Coffee aficionados appreciate their curated selection of roasted coffees and dedication to detail. And even casual sippers who pop in for a caffeine fix will appreciate the welcoming feel. The Quills folks pay as much attention to the design of their space as they do to crafting their coffee, and it's easy to while away an afternoon, especially in the humming shop on Baxter Ave.

Dana McMahan