Photo courtesy of Scratch Bakery



111 W Orange St, Durham, NC, 27701



It’s hard to beat a great pie—and it’s even harder to beat 15, which is usually how many you’ll have to choose from at this nationally recognized Durham bakery. Chef Phoebe Lawless and her team use unsalted American butter and just a hint of sugar to get a flakey crust that’s perfect for both sweet and savory fillings. The pies here showcase the bounty of the region, with monthly flavors like North Carolina cherry and ricotta and peanut chess.

Andrea Reusing of Lantern Restaurant / Scratch

Amazing pies. And my favorite drinks to order are either a cortado made with Intelligentsia beans, or their London Fog, which is earl gray tea, steamed milk, and vanilla syrup.

— Andrea Reusing of Lantern Restaurant