Photo by David Reamer

Southeast, Richmond

Sen Yai

3384 SE Division Street, Portland, OR, 97214



Andy Ricker's noodle joint has over a dozen different Thai noodle dishes alongside other snacks you might typically find in Bangkok’s street stalls. They specialize in the type of noodle dishes that are typically eaten at all hours of the day in Thailand, so you can sample some even if you go for breakfast. The atmosphere is casual, the decor and music are both Thai pop, and there’s patio seating on nice days.

Meghan Wright of Mazama Wares / Sen Yai

Sen Yai, just up the street from the original and famous Pok Pok, is more casual and focuses on delicious noodle creations. It's all good—you really can't order wrong! Like everything Pok Pok, you’ll find authentic flavors from Thailand and SE Asia in every dish. Be sure to sample one of their amazing cocktails that feature Pok Pok Som (drinking vinegar). You can also buy a bottle of the Som to take home to craft your own boozy concoctions.

— Meghan Wright of Mazama Wares