Photo by Monza

The Boroughs


451 King St, Charleston, SC, 29403



There's no disputing that Italians know machines, marinara, and mozzarella. At Monza, you'll get a taste of all those things. The walls are covered in memorabilia from Italy's legendary Monza racetrack, and the chefs channel the same ingenuity and attention to detail that produced the likes of Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. The pizzas are baked in open wood-fired ovens, and cheese isn't merely sprinkled on — a block of it is melted and spread over the pizza as it cooks.

Austin Dandridge of Cobble Hill / Monza

We eat here literally three times a week. They don't take reservations and it's tiny, but it's the best pizza in Charleston. A delicious, easy, casual dinner.

— Austin Dandridge of Cobble Hill