Photo by E. S. Hamilton

East Nashville

High Garden

1006 Fatherland St, Nashville, TN, 37206



Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lovely teashop in Nashville? Wouldn’t it be better if it wasn't the stuffy kind with roses and pinky raising? Well, in East Nashville, it’s a reality. High Garden is a proper tea mecca. Much more like an apothecary than a traditional tea house, it offers such a wide variety of teas and herbs that it might even make you reconsider your daily cup of joe. Joel and Leah Larabell, the shop owners, are true connoisseurs of the craft.

Anna Gilbert

Courtney Webb of Hey Rooster / High Garden

High Garden tea parlor is a native Nashvillian-owned small business in our neighborhood. You can always find me there for tea happy hour on my days off. The owners, Joel and Leah, have an incredible energy, and you feel healed in their presence and in their shop. They blend everything in the shop and will help you choose a tea or an herb or a tincture to help whatever ails you.

— Courtney Webb of Hey Rooster