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Photo by Flickr user jrmcglone

Multiple Neighborhoods

The James River Park System

4301 Riverside Dr, Richmond, VA, 23219



Don’t leave Virginia without experiencing The James River Park System—550 acres of pristine landscape surrounding either side of the James River. Unlike many manmade and carefully designed urban parks, this is unbridled nature with white water rapids and wildlife from otters to heron (try finding that in Central Park). One of the most accessible ways to stroll the park is through the Pipeline Rapids walkway. You’ll find the entrance in the middle of downtown Richmond at South 12th and Byrd Street.

Ashley Carruthers of Rosewood Clothing Co. / The James River Park System

If you want to get your blood pumping and enjoy some fantastic views of city, the James River Park System Loop is a good way to do it. The trail runs 8 -13 miles (depending on your route) along the river and into the downtown area. One of my favorite things is running down to the pipeline with some friends. If it’s the right season, you’ll catch some experienced kayakers running the rapids.

— Ashley Carruthers of Rosewood Clothing Co.