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Farrell & Co.

Canteen Bag


A circle-shaped bag that will add some fun to any outfit

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Farrell & Co.

Clutch Wallet


Wallet that moonlights as a clutch with double snap closures

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Sandlot Goods

iPad Sleeve


An iPad Sleeve made from Horween leather and lined with FilzFelt wool

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Aqua Scarf


The brushstrokes and bold colors of this silk scarf make it great for day or night

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Showpony Brand

Indigo 1908 Tote


Perfect everyday tote made with selvage denim, copper rivets and reclaimed leather

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The Good Flock

Tokyo Traveller Bag


The perfect everyday tote with handy pockets and a zip top to keep everything safely inside

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Rugged Apron


Hardmill's rugged apron may be the last one you'll ever need—or want—to buy

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The Good Flock

Travel Wallet


This wallet can handle it all, from travel documents to credit cards and cash